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Innovative solutions for IT environnements

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911 dispatcher transit console

 The Transit Dispatch Console

The Transit System offers maximum comfort on all points: The surfaces are spacious helping agent to access the proper tool for more efficiency in critical situations. Transit allows continuous work, either standing or sitting, to maximize concentration and productivity.

There are various configurations and sizes of Transit consoles available, each one of them can be customized to your needs.

Designed for Mission Critical Environments

The Transit consoles from Sustema are designed for maximum flexibility and durability in 24/7 environment.
High Capacity actuators, strong metal structure, High Pressure Laminate surfaces, all components are selected for intensive use.


Technology and You

The insightful design of the Transit console will offer great functionnality in situations where a high number of monitors and CPUs need to be supported. The system will provide storage and easy access for maintenance. With Transit you stay in control at all time.

Experienced in design

Sustema has been designing consoles and furniture for technology for more than 20 years.

Our team has the skills to create successful environments your people will like.


 Height Adjustability


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Transit allows you to move from sitting to standing in a natural way with the push of a button. Concentration and workflow continue while changing your posture for maximum health benefits.

Horizontal Slatwall


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Innovative and solid, it allows infinite configurations, clears and protects your workspace and maximizes your line of sight for open concept.

Cable Management


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Transit’s modular design allows for an efficient , organized and structured routing and bundling of power and data cables. Prevents and reduces risk of disconnect.

Heat Dissipation


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With the Transit insightful ventilation design, heat is allowed to dissipate with or without the use of quiet fans.

Modular & Efficient Design


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Transit is truly modular and adaptable for most spaces. Modules can easily be added or relocated to fulfill the need of different layouts and room configurations. Save time and money with the console that gives you the most.

CPU Access


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From the front or the back, CPU’s can be accessed without causing any interruption.