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Green Initiatives

Green initiatives

Environmental Policy


At Sustema we believe the future of human life is dependent on both economic vitality and a healthy environment. The future also depends on meeting the needs and aspirations of people and protecting the ecosystem on which all life depends.


We believe that every day simple gesture or changes we make create an impact on the environment. Respecting the environment is more than good business practice; it is the right thing to do.  Sustainability demands that we pay attention to the entire life cycle of our products.


To that effect, we are committed to:


Designing and manufacturing products that go beyond compliance with environmental regulations and other requirements including:

  • Use low emitting raw materials
  • And Water based adhesive
  • Use non VOC emitting finishes
  • Pursue prevention of pollution and elimination of waste of any kind
  • Implement technologies to efficiently use energy resources
  • Recycle electronics, lamps, batteries and waste
  • Use less paper or use recycled paper
  • Use nontoxic cleaning material


In keeping with these objectives, we have asked our suppliers to participate and have asked them to launch initiatives that set significant sustainability targets for the years to come, including:

  • Zero hazardous waste generation
  • Zero air emissions (VOC)
  • Zero process water use


Our “environment friendly” offer is increasing everyday as new products are designed and marketed by companies supplying products to Sustema. As new products are brought into our offering, we make sure it is an efficient product from functionality as well as from a sustainability standpoint.


Sustema offers:

  • Energy efficient lighting system, flexible light level or dimming control,
  • Personal environment systems with occupancy controls,
  • Electronic accessories that are more energy efficient,
  • Trade in programs on our products,
  • UPS and battery recuperation service,


An important aspect of our environment policy is the conservation of our resources:

  • We use steel or aluminum with a percentage of recycled content,
  • We re use the packaging material we receive from our suppliers.
  • We recycle the material that cannot be reused.

At our offices and shops we promote energy efficient methods:

  • We use low power consumption lighting system.
  • We have eliminated and or reduced the size of waste containers.
  • We limit printing of documents to a minimum.

Resource Input

Sustema has joined thousands of organizations worldwide in supporting green initiatives and the following measures have been implemented to provide our customers with the most ecological solutions:

    • Sustema designs and manufactures its products in Montreal, Quebec. As much as possible, we will select raw products or components that are made locally to enter into the manufacturing of our products.  This in turn provides more credits for our customers requiring LEED certification.
  • Sustema uses a percentage of recycled material in the manufacturing of its products. For work surfaces and shelves the % is +/- 60% and for metal parts it is +/- 40 %.
  • All metal parts are finished using power coated painting. Powder painting limits the VOC and 100% of unused power paint is recuperated.
  • Sustema also offers work surfaces and paneling material that is Greenguard certified and work surfaces and paneling material that does not use urea formaldehyde.
  • It is important to note that the use of recycled raw material in our products is not done at the risk of weakening the products or reducing its life cycle or causing unwanted situations at the end user level.


    • Sustema uses a percentage of recycle material in the manufacturing of its products.
    • Although it may vary from time to time, our metal products contain the following percentage of recycled material:
  • Pre consumed: +/- 40%
  • Post consumed: +/- 40%

Packaging and Distribution

A high proportion of our packaging material is comprised of recycled packaging material. Sustema buys certain products and components and manufactures other. We reuse much of the packaging material we get from our supplier for the packaging of our products once assembled. We also limit the packaging to the minimum required for protecting the products and transport.


Over the last few years, we have replaced foam type packaging material with recycled cardboard packaging.