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Innovative solutions for IT environnements

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About Sustema

About Sustema

OfficeIn Greek, the word σύστημα or Sustêma, refers to the idea of a whole, consisting of several parts or members. In short, we are talking about the system. The choice seems trivial, but it is indicative of the overall integrated vision that animates Sustêma, the corporation that thrives to innovative solutions for IT environments.

Whether at the level of its services and products, use that customers make, or how it operates internally, the overview of concern is the forefront that concerns of Sustêma. Just as the idea of building and designing ergonomic and integrated solutions focused on the future, based on solid and old foundations.

Sustêma originally founded in November 1996 in Montreal. His birth is somehow the “organic” results of the first experiences of its predecessor, a systems integration company that was itself founded in 1988 by current President of Sustêma.

By offering cable services in networking and installation of server rooms, the precursor of Sustêma has also been able to pinpoint the essence of emerging materials requirements for highly technological environments. It is because of this expertise that the line of Lanrack products, support system suitable for servers and other IT equipment, made its appearance in 1992. A realization that, even today, continues to meet the needs of customers everywhere in North America.

Seeing the IT sector needs continuously growing and evolving, Sustêma becomes a full-fledged company in 1996 in order to concentrate fully on its activities in the technical furniture and It products for data centers.

Today Sustêma has 3 lines of consoles, 2 lines of technical furniture, 3 lines of servers and network cabinets, and a variety of related products and services that meet the most demanding needs and requirements of its customers. An offer adapted to environments, but also to users, no matter the situation.

Among the achievements of the team Sustêma over the past years include a multitude of types of server rooms, technical furniture for computer labs, securities brokerage halls, control and security centers, and 911 call centers.

“Sustema offers innovative and competitive technical solutions to all IT users working in It intensive environments.”

Sustêma designs and manufactures most of its products in Montreal. The technical expertise of its team and the experience gained over the years has led to the production of various equipment – lines of cabinets, consoles and technical furniture – exceeding most industry standards, like the expectations of its customers.

And, ultimately, it is the essence of the service offered by Sustêma; the customer can count on an offer tailored to its specific needs and expectations. The team of research and development, as well as Sustêma designers are there to help customers find the ideal solution.

In sum, all the “parts” of Sustêma’s offering are there to help you create the whole solution that answers your needs.