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Innovative solutions for IT environnements

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Data center

Sustema offers a complete line of products to store, cool, power and manage the equipment found in data centers.

The Wallmount, LS2R, Lanrack, Inno-Tech and High Security cabinet series from Sustema provides all of the technical and functional solutions for the design, layout and management of the network rooms that meet the operational criteria of today and tomorrow’s challenges.

To maximize productivity and improve control on these systems, Sustema offers hi-tech management products that enable the creation of reliable and functional infrastructures.

Optimizing space

Whatever the IT equipment you need to store, we have a solution for you.

Distributing power

Sustema distributes power products from renowned worldwide power distribution manufacturers allowing clients to benefit from a large variety of products and know-how.


From CRAC units to Blank Panels, going through in-row cooling and AC Cabinet, we have a solution to cool your DC.

Managing your DC

From a DCIM Software to KVMs, going through Data Center and Thermal Audits, we have a solution to help you manage your Data Center Infrastructure.

All in 1 solutions

Smart Row

When you need one integrated solution for the data center infratructure, we have one easy and ready to implement solution.