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Innovative solutions for IT environnements

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LCD flip trays

LCD flip trays for data centers

LCD Console Drawer

The LCD console Drawer is a perfect solution for local management of your servers in you data center. The 1U space used by the LCD drawer optimizes the rack space and offers an easy access to any workstation. The LCD drawer can be combined to any tye of KVM, Remote or local, 8 to 32 ports and comes with a variety of LCD monitor sizes.

High Brightness LCD Console

For industrial applications where high brightness is needed, we offer an optimized monitor that can be easily seen in high levels of lighting.

Keyboard Drawer

The Keyboard drawer can be used with your actual KVM or LCD to optimize the rack space. The keyboard drawer is combined with either a trackball or a touchpad. the keyboard drawer can be equipped with a local or remote KVM with 8 to 32 ports.