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Lanrack Enclosures

Data centers Lanrack enclosures

The Lanrack Enclosures


The Lanrack Enclosures are ideal for spaces requiring high levels of flexibility, security and durability. They offer great functionnality and full compatibility for mounting any EIA 310-D rackmount servers, switches or other equipment.

Too many cables?


The Lanrack Enclosures are designed to handle a great load of cables to keep your IT interventions fast and easy. Cables are routed through vertical managers at the front or/and at the back. Cable rings can be also used for a cleaner distribution. The built-in top and the bottom of the frame is provided with  openings for easy cables routing from the plenum or the raised floor.

Cabinet Architecture


The cabinet structure is made out of welded preassembled 14-gauge steel and is protected with a scratch-resistant epoxy power paint. The cabinets feature removable side panels with locks, front and rear perforated single or double doors. All doors are reversible and equipped with locking rotating latches. Cabinets’ base are equipped with levelers and wheels.

Heat management


Lanrack cabinets have perforated doors that offer maximum ventilation, far superior to manufacturers’ requirements. Ideal for cold aisles-hot aisles configurations, the Lanrack cabinets can also be used in small server rooms with a fan module on the structure’s top. A wide variety of thermic accessories such as blank panels, raised-floor seals, air deflectors and small A/C units are available.