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Innovative solutions for IT environnements

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Server Storage

Heavy duty server storage desk

Integration Server Storage

Integration offers a reliable, high performance storage for servers and associated equipment when enclosures are not required. The ability to combine servers storage and console access within the same system allow client to save space and improve occasional maintenance work.
A scalable and functional system to house servers for a branch or a small office.

Cable management


High Density workstations for servers are well managed using the cable management modules available within the Integration product line.

High weight shelving capacity


The work surface and shelves design provide high weight capacity while ensuring security of the equipment. Although height adjustable, the shelves can be locked into position.

Power Bar


Power can be provided using integrated raceway or power strips. Power strips are positioned for convenient access facing user or integrated into one of the horizontal beams part of the frame structure.

Shelf Reinforcement


All work surfaces and shelves are reinforced to ensure minimal deflection when heavy servers are stored on a shelf.