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Focus Flex

Focus Flex

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Focus Flex®, the Revolution in Training Rooms
Today’s growing and successful companies have to deal with an increase in employee numbers and diminishing available floor space in the office. To answer that need, a new product type is emerging on the furniture market and is slowly revolutionizing the way people use office space. A solution has been invented to answer the need for collaborative space and optimization of the office floor space. We call it: Focus Flex®.

Focus Flex® is basically a computer desk that can transform itself into a multifunctional desk when needed, in a few seconds. Yes, it’s that easy! This desk is equipped with an internal actuator (an electric mechanism) that supports either one or two monitors. It offers the possibility to raise the LCD screens up when their use is required and to hide them back again with the simple push of a button. The LCD monitor can be positioned at the desired height, in order to adapt to the user’s height and it can also be used by people with disabilities.

The computers can either be hidden inside the structure or supported under the work surface (as per the picture). A tray under the LCD screen has been conceived to store the keyboard and mouse. Also, when in a closed position, the door can be locked to secure the IT equipment and therefore protect the material from damage and theft.

This model is offered in various sizes from 48’’ to 72’’ wide and a depth that varies from 30’’ to 40’’, depending on the user’s needs. All Focus Flex® desks are built to order and can be customized as desired.

With today’s growing needs for flexibility, the Focus Flex® is the ideal solution for any computer lab, training and education environment, lobby, reception, or even your personal workstation. Day to day usage reduces the need for new buildings and increases the return on investment on the facilities. It optimizes floor space, secures the IT equipment, offers a multipurpose platform, and increases ergonomics.

How much does this beauty cost, then? Even though it is equipped with a state of the art electric actuator and controller, a high pressure laminate work surface, a 14 gauge Steel structure, and CPU supports, these desks can be acquired for as low as between 1000$ and 2000$, depending on the configuration. The Focus Flex® also comes with a lifetime warranty, while the actuator system is covered for a period of two years.

For more information, feel free to contact us at 1-800-455-8450.

11 Mar, 16


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