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Focus System


Focus console for control room

The Focus system

With its high-tech looks, the Focus system’s design surpasses industry standards in flexibility, strength and durability. The consoles and workstations boast ergonomic designs and meet modern criteria of esthetics and comfort.

In order to meet ergonomic criteria, the consoles can be equipped with a mechanical or electric work surface height adjustment system.

The basic structure of the Focus system accommodates storage cabinets, shelves and accessories.

Space planing and flexibility

The Focus system comprises 30, 38, 50 and 72-inch high and 24, 36, 42, 48, 60 and 72-inch wide workstations. The system can be arranged in a U shape, as single or multiple units, back-to-back, concave or convex, with 5 to 180 degree adjustment angles. Divider panels, made of tempered glass, laminate or covered with fabric, can be added to the basic structure to create isolated consoles. Work surfaces come in different shapes and dimensions and can be adapted to the user’s needs.


Product architecture

The system architecture consists of a frame with three distinct horizontal sections: the upper section to which the divider panels and accessories are anchored, the central support section for the power feeds, and the lower section that accommodates network cables. The table and leg supports are anchored to the posts.

The system structure rests on 5-inch (12.7 cm) high adjustable feet, giving the product its unique design. Having a base with horizontal clearance ensures better protection and ventilation of electronic components and facilitates floor maintenance.



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The Focus electrical and network raceway channels connect to the 11 awg. posts to create a strong and versatile framework.



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The integrated Slatwall contributes to the strength of the system while allowing mounting of LCD arms and accessories freeing up the work surface. This allowing the worksurface to be free and clean!

Swing out CPU enclosure


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For maximum flexibility, the Focus can be ordered without or  with CPU swing out enclosure, CPU shelf or docking station. The system can have enclosure on one side of both sides of the frame.

Power and Data


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The Focus system offers 2 raceway channels for integrated power raceway system and 1 trough located at the base for network cabling.

Cable management


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The Focus system completely integrates the necessary characteristics to accommodate equipment and manage power and data cables in IT intensive environments.

Colors and Finishing panels


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Surfaces and panels come in variety of colors and texture. Work surfaces have high pressure laminate finish with different edging options. Partitioning panels are available laminate, glass and fabric panels

Height adjustability

Height-Adjustable Focus

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To help the user find a convenient and comfortable work position, the optional adjustment system enables the user to change the height of the work surfaces from sitting to standing position.

Quick access module


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The folding quick access module is conveniently located and designed to provide non permanent access to USB or network connection while providing power.



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When required, privacy can be achieved using the different heights of wall and the glass panels.

Here are various console models to help you choose: