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Transit Console

Control Room Consoles & Workstations

The Transit Series from Sustema is designed to offer maximum flexibility and durability in 24/7 environments. From network operation centers, security operation centers, and call center dispatches to PSAP (NG9-1-1) applications; we manufacture heavy-duty command center consoles and workstations tailored to your business needs.

Height-Adjustable Consoles

The dual height-adjustable surfaces of the Transit Series console offers sit/stand capabilities and complete ergonomic control to operators in the communications center. Consoles may be configured individually, in rows, or in groups to accommodate your workspace. You can choose from a wide variety of edgings and finishes to meet your aesthetic requirements. 

Made in North America

Built to last, the Transit Series is engineered to withstand the intensive usage in command center environments. The high lifting capacity actuators, heavy-duty steel metal frames, high-pressure laminate surfaces, and sturdy slat walls provide optimal efficiency and comfort to operators.

Smart Console Integrations

The personal environmental system PES 360 provides operators with full control of their workspace environment at the single touch of a button (heat, air, light). ConsoleALERT® is a dedicated software sending visual notifications and digital alerts to mobilize key personnel in the communications center during critical situations. The insightful design of the Transit Series includes integrated cable management, easy to access power/data, and wide cable raceways.

Professional Console Installations

Our team of certified technical furniture installers is available during the day, night, and weekends to accommodate to your business operations. Sustema, furnishing command centers across North America for over 20+ years.