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Innovative solutions for IT environnements

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Videowall Systems

Video wall for control room

Modularity and Strength

Sustema’s Display Frame Support is a robust and flexible monitor support system based on our Focus Technical Furniture system. Totally modular, Sustema’s DFS can be expanded, split or modified as needs or equipment change.

Universal Mounting System

Sustema has engineered a flexible monitor wall that provides Functionality, Flexibility and Aesthetics.

This self standing system can hold all size of monitors and conveniently store equipment associated with the display wall.

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Helps you manage technology

CPU and equipment enclosures can be located at the bottom rear of the display wall ensuring security and quick access.

The wall can be covered with panelling for situation where the display wall is used as showcase.

The sections can be positioned straight or in angle to maximize viewing of large monitors.

Freestanding or Anchored

Sustema’s diplay wall structure is modular and can be extended as your needs grow.

Routing path for cables, access to power and cable management is integral in the system.

Different feet system are available for all situations.