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Innovative solutions for IT environnements

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Electric height adjustable desk

Sustema offers a selection of tables for training and meeting purpose. Some of our products are unique in integrating technologies and provide versatility to make the most of your investment.

Rise your people

Freestanding height adjustable tables are becoming a standard solution when it comes to planning of office spaces.

Sustema’s line of height adjustable tables “Focus Lite” will help you in creating a highly adaptable workspace allowing users to work seated or standing.

Choose what will work for you

The Focus Lite tables are available in many shapes, styles and dimensions.

Optimize Space 

In a Benching configuration, the shared structure of Sustema’s height adjustable tables will respond to needs of sit / stand, technology integration and individual privacy.

Easy to Use, Easy To Work 

Cabling management and access to power are provided using the centered beam that can also hold the privacy panel.

For a more elaborate layout

The Focus Spine Wall integrates with Focus Lite tables to deliver planning flexibility and comfort for the users.

A modular solution for easy reconfiguration

The Focus Spine Wall is available in different widths and heights.