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Innovative solutions for IT environnements

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IT labs

IT lab

Tech station furniture for IT lab

The versatility of the Integration system make it suitable for any IT lab. Being able to load the units with a lot of equipment, having access to power in quantity and the ability to manage cables will facilitate the work in the IT lab. An Integration station can be coupled to a Sustema 19’’ frame to provide further flexibility.

Storage space


Storage bins are available in various widths.

Service Pole


The vertical post of the Integration system can house cables coming from the ceiling.

A service pole is available to cover the gap between the Integration post and the ceiling.

Laminated Surfaces

Laminated Shelves - Rendu

Work surfaces are covered using durable High Pressure Laminate.

Note that the Integration frame supports components on both sides.

Integrated Raceway System


The horizontal beams of the system can house 8 wires 3 or 4 circuits electrical system providing easy access to the power source.

Articulated Task Light

Task Light Articulated #3 - Rendu

Task lighting is essential for precise work. Task lighting can be conventional or LED, with surface, support or post mounting.

Shelf Reinforcement


All surfaces and shelves have metal reinforcement to provide high weight capacity and minimize deflection.



Mobile or stationary storage in the form of lateral file and pedestal will complement the workstation.

Network cabling


Horizontal channels or beams are used to route network cabling within the system. Jack can be terminated in the beams or using mounting  boxes in the horizontal channel. When terminated in the same beam used for power distribution, a separator panel isolates power from UTP cabling.