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Innovative solutions for IT environnements

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Tech Benches

Tech bench for IT intense environments

The strong structure of the Integration system combined with the available modules make it perfect for tech bench applications such as : computer staging area, production unit or repair center.

The user can position accessories for easy reach while maintaining a safe work space.

Butcher Block Surface

butcher block

Integration tech benches are offered with High Pressure Laminate surface, Metal surface and Butcher Block surface.



Different models of drawer are available: pencil drawer, file drawer and combo file/pencil as well as drawers for tools.

Height Adjustabitily

Mechanical Height adjustability - Rendu

Work Surface can be positioned where you want them.

Electrical Height Adjustability


Using heavy duty lifting columns, the work surface can be raised or lower at the touch of a button. The 525 lbs capacity system allows for a 24’’ height adjustment providing for comfort and safety for all work.

Height Adjustability of components

height adjustability of components

Shelves, supports for bin panels, white board or tack board and power bars can be positioned where you want them.

LCD arms can be mounted on the accessory support or on the vertical post.

Wire Mesh Shelves

Wire mesh shelves - Rendu

Wire mesh shelves provide storage while allowing air and light to go through.

ESD Grounding

ESD grounding - Rendu

A selection of ESD protection accessories is available from ESD treated surface to mat, grounding bus, wrist strap, and more.

Power Bar

Power Bar #1 - Rendu

Power bar can be positioned in a easily accessible position or can be integrated into an horizontal channel or beam.

Power bars are available in lengths of 20 to 72 in. containing 6 to 12 outlets.

Container Bins

Storage Bin - Rendu

Plastic bins are used to have quick access to parts used frequently during the work period.

Available in different sizes and color as well as ESD.

Task Light

Task Light Articulated #3 - Rendu

Task lighting is essential for precise work. Task lighting can be conventional or LED,

with surface, support or post mounting. We offer articulated task lighting as well as undershelf or

support mounted task lighting, fluorescent or LED. Available in different lengths.